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SOMA Elixir : 7 Mushrooms + Vitamin C

$3300 $3500

Mushroom Antibiotic | Immune Modulation | Adaptogenic | Vitamin C

Did you know that the medicinal properties of mushrooms are better absorbed when paired with vitamin C? Our broken cell wall elixir contains 100% organic and locally grown mushrooms extracted in organic cane alcohol and organic vegetable glycerin. 

Our high potency Soma Elixir is composed of seven double extracted adaptogenic mushrooms, extracted with double extracted Schizandra berries and Rose Petals to increase bioavailability and resilience. 

Key Benefits:

+ May act as an immunomodulator.

+ Mushrooms have antibiotic-like protective properties.

+ Can support longevity.

+ Contains high vitamin C levels from Shisandra and Rose.

+ May increase strength and stamina.

+ Adaptogenic, protects the body from oxidative stress.

+ Purposefully Unsweetened, Vegan, and Gluten Free.

SUGGESTED USE: Add 1tsp into your favorite high fiber juice, tea, coffee, or soup for optimum effects.