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Get Back To Your Roots Toast


beet hummus, evoo, microgreens, radish, salt + pepper, pepitas

Get Back to Your Roots Toast is a mostly earthy + savory treat but the introduction of beets to the hummus does provide a little bit of sweetness. This toast will be your go-to when you're wanting some greens and a subtle crunch from the pumpkin seeds.

Great For
  • If you're wanting a grounded meal to help boost your mood while also supporting cognitive function. This is the type of lunch that will allow you to return back to your focus for the day with energy and sharpness!
  • A pre OR post-workout meal! This is because of the beets help move oxygen throughout the body - this can increase stamina before a cardio day or help support muscle recovery after strength training. 
  • You're finally feeling up to eating after recovering from feeling ill - this toast is delicious and gentle on your body with plenty of antioxidants so you can continue recovering with solid foods that keep your stomach happy.