Hello, #ViveSociety! Welcome to our first ever...


F E B R U A R Y 1 - 3 | S A T U R D A Y - M O N D A Y

Now with a mindful, intuitive approach to cleansing - the community cleanse is a way to amplify your body's natural detoxing abilities, with an emphasis on intentional living and an opportunity to observe more than your nutrition, along with the faces you've come to know here at Vive.

Our Motto:
When you feel better, you show up for life better - and that all starts with nourishing your body.

Let's work together to nurture our bodies with a three-dayCommunity Cleanse! Juice fasting can help you take stock of your habits, conquer cravings, clear away the clutter, and press reset.

The Power of Community.

Our Founder, Brittany, along with the entire #JuiceFam will be cleansing with you so you have a support system 24/7 who knows the ins and outs of this cleanse, what to expect, and how to power through and assist you in making intuitive wellness decisions for intentional living!


From those who produce this product with love to those you see on the daily in our Sugarhouse store. Vive Juicery will be embarking on this journey with you, all twelve of us!

The Juice Lineup.

We've chosen the crowd favorite, The Standard Cleanse, to accompany this project! The Standard cleanse is our most versatile in flavor as well as approachable for all cleansing experience levels!


With an emphasis on gut health, this program will offer your body a balanced lineup for benefits and palette. Each day includes six 16oz juices that will be labeled in order for you to enjoy! This cleanse program consists of our most popular flavors:

Exclusive Features

With our intimate team along with you, we will be providing the following invaluable add-ons to everyone who participates in our community cleanse this weekend:

Pre- and Post-Cleanse Guides

including a food "Love it/Leave it" list and bonus recipes!

We've cultivated the perfect guides for how to start strong and finish stronger! With information on all the things you're not too sure about when cleansing - what to eat, what to avoid, how to introduce foods back into your daily diet after, we've taken the guesswork out of cleansing!


Daily Journaling Prompts

We're here to live intentionally - we've created mindful prompts to help you find your core in how you live intuitively and intentionally with your wellness choices - we've found that checking in with yourself during a detox can be so helpful in finding your values and strengths! Why are you cleansing and what have you learned about yourself? It's time to #LeanIn!


Breathwork + Guided Meditations

Our very own Wellness Advocate, Callie Bishop, will walk you through a meditation to center yourself and optimize the detoxifying benefits from a cleanse. With work from within, you'll be empowered to make mindful wellness decisions for the long game!


Exclusive Gut-Health Yoga Routine

Created by Sarah Betts, the founder of Seek Studio. Yoga helps improve respiration, energy and vitality and with this easy at-home flow- you're body will be energized and ready to perform smooth, relaxed healing from the inside-out!  


Text Encouragement + Immediate Support

The same way you'd text your friend an SOS, but we'reyour juice loving, health fanatic cheerleader. We'll be available to help with in the moment questions, mid-day pep talks, or to celebrate daily wins as you conquer your cleanse! *Number will be available upon sign up!


Live Q&A with our Founder + #JuiceFam!

Wondering if this additional energy is superhuman? How many times is ~normal~ to go to the bathroom on a cleanse? What exactly is Orange You Glad doing for me? Whatever questions come up for you, we'll be there to answer!


When is the #CommunityCleanse?

We will be cleansing together on February 1st through the 3rd! (This weekend!)


Cleansing over a weekend allows for a more intuitive experience. Without the trials of a typical work week routine, we will be able to sit, sip, and reflect on how our body feels. We'll tell you a little secret, when you're getting almost 20lbs of fresh produce a day - your body feels alive.

What's all included?

This is our first (of many more to come!) Community Cleanse. We've been quietly working behind the scenes to make some juicy dreams come true (as we do!)


This experience will not only be an invitation into nourishing your mind, body, and soul- it's an invitation into something we've never done before.


This is more than just sipping on juice at the same time over the weekend, this is a community cleanse experience meaning we'll be your BFFs this weekend- checking in with you daily to see how we can assist you in your cleanse and give immediate support, provide exclusive how-to guides for before, during and after the cleanse, journal prompts to help guide you towards intuitive wellness choices and VIP wellness routines from our wellness professionals.




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