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Reflection Cards for Kids


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Holstee Reflection Cards for Kids are a fun way to engage young minds by sharing stories, expressing feelings, and revealing hopes and dreams.  This deck features 100+ questions and prompts made especially for kids ages 6 and up. Every deck includes 100+ thought-provoking questions organized into five categories: Learning, Relationships, Feelings, Just for Fun, and Hopes & Reflections. Perfect for kids to use with their friends, family, or in the classroom. Each card has a unique playful design and together the cards form a single piece of art! A great way to get kids to open up! This deck breaks the monotony of “How was school today?” and the one word responses that usually follow. Grab a card, share a question, and enjoy a real conversation with kids of all ages! Each deck also includes some gameplay suggestions to help you get started! Each question has been tested and perfected.