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House Favorite Toast


 avocado, grape tomatoes, pepitas, hemp seeds, evoo, balsamic vinegar, salt + pepper

This avocado toast is quickly living up to it's name! The texture of the pumpkin seeds adds a subtle crunch to the pop of tomatoes and smooth avocado. The lemon olive oil and splash of balsamic are the perfect addition to take this toast up a notch.  

Great For
  • Those who need a health-conscious meal when trying to keep blood sugar and pressure levels low! We know a healthy diet keeps our heart happy, but adding avocados to the mix keep it healthy, too!
  • Someone looking for some energy through food! Avocados give us healthy fats that  help us build healthy cells, protect our brains, make and regulate the use of our hormones, and additionally help nourish our skin.
  • If you're looking for a filling meal that won't bog you down - hemp seeds and pepitas offer you plenty of vitamins. Magnesium from hemp seeds help you feel at ease throughout your day and pepitas help your body absorb calcium so you can have strong bones and a good immune system!