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Cacao Chia Snack Bombs


Pack of 3 | Biodegradable Packaging

dates, organic almond butter, organic oats, organic chia seeds, organic hemp seeds, organic pepitas, organic cacao nibs

Designed to satiate and satisfy cravings for sweets, our Cacao Chia Bombs are a perfect snack to turn to for a healthy dose of delicious yet sustainable energy.

An ode to our love of Cacao, these delightful little bites are filled with fiber, protein and healthy fats - all elements that feel like a love letter to your body! This dark chocolatey, sweet and nutty snack has the perfect amount of crunch and will help shift you from hungry to steady and fueled, whether you're home or on the go!

Thanks to the natural production and circulation of 4 bliss molecules in the body and brain, Cacao is known to bring a little more light to your day! Complemented with a mix of oats and seeds, shredded coconut and creamy nut butter, these bites contain brain-boosting omega 3s, essential vitamins and minerals (like magnesium, iron, and calcium), heart healthy compounds (like arginine to help with circulation), and antioxidants that help promote increased energy and decreased inflammation.

This truly is a snack pack to keep your heart and head happy and healthy, literally and figuratively.

Enjoy me when...

You're ready to elevate your chocolate experience.
You need an easy snack that can nourish you on-the-go.
You'd like something light to fuel your favorite movement practice.