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The Quench

16.9 oz Glass Bottle

watermelon, mint, lime, lemon, pitaya

We’ve pressed your favorite melon snack into a glass bottle! The Quench is a powerful hydrator against Utah’s warm summer rays. The wonder of watermelon is its ability to cure your sugar cravings while being low in sugars entirely. If that doesn’t sweeten the deal for you, watermelon is also a generous offerer of antioxidants that help lower inflammation in your body. When your plans include getting outside and enjoying your favorite hike, remember to enjoy this summer seasonal, too!

Drink me if you…

  1. Want to help hydrate your body but water isn’t your favorite bevy in a glass jar. 
  2. Schedule your summers around outdoor activities. 
  3. Love watermelon and want to enjoy it in every way possible (#same). 

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