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Morning C-Tox [Pre-Order]


16.9 oz. GlassĀ Bottle

organic celery juice
  • In today's age of "more is better", we often try to look for simplicity in life. You just found it. One simple yet powerful ingredient; 100% organic celery. Celery is stalk full of Vitamin K - over 150% of your daily intake! Vitamin K is best known for the protection of your bone and heart health. Celery juice is *not* a miracle worker or cure-all - but it does offer your body with over 15 vitamins & minerals and aids with digestion, hydration, detoxification, and helps reduce inflammation in the body. Crack open a bottle and say hello to the perfect companion to your morning ritual.
Drink me if you...
  1. Want to push breakfast off a couple more hours without losing energy.
  2. Thrive with morning routines.
  3. Don't like to drink your sugars. (Celery Juice contains 0g of sugar!)
  4. Want to combat chronic inflammation in the body.Ā