Welcome to the Vive Life.

It all starts with passion and ours can't be matched. We believe in continuous learning and improvement because good enough never is. We believe in connecting and being real. We'll never forget our roots.

VIVE IS FOR YOU IF... you have a stomach.

But seriously, Vive is for people that want to make a positive, lasting impact on their health. You don't have to be a health nut or a "Whole Foods Hippie." If you're interested in exploring what good nutrition does for the body, this is for you.

WHOA! YOU GET A WHOLE LOT OF: natural energy, mental clarity, a glowing complexion, maybe even a few inches off your waist. vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients galore. nutrition you need on a daily basis.

The western diet contains a lot of processed junk that makes it hard for our bodies to keep up with our go-go-go lifestyles. Even the majority of fruits and vegetables are aged; coming from trucks across the country. Vive gives you the opportunity to enjoy the most nutrient-dense, fresh food possible. We handcraft each bottle of juice and cold-press love into every bottle. But really, in a nutshell, you're getting a whole lot of good energy and positive vibrations.

YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE... the way you feel.

Even if incorporating fresh, unpasteurized and cold-pressed juice into your diet is the only thing you change, we guarantee you'll notice a difference. We find, however, that when you start noticing how great you feel, it's hard to not want to keep it up. Maybe you make one more meal at home each week. Or take an extra yoga class. Or work out in between New Girl or Criminal Minds marathons (maybe that's just us?). Whatever it is for you, consider juice the gateway to a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

& YOU'LL BE SURPRISED BY... how much goes into our juice.

On average, you're getting up to 4 lbs. of produce in every bottle. Try eating that much whole fruit & vegetables in one sitting. We think that many will be surprised by the amount of effort and time it takes to produce cold-pressed juice. People are used to seeing traditional centrifugal juicers at home and in juice bars - ones that whip out a juice in under a minute. Cold-pressing is a time-intensive process (we juice 8 hours a day with a team of six!) but the quality, flavor and nutritional content of our juice is unparalleled. 


You can read our cleanse testimonials here or see what people say about our juice on social media. In a single sentence, we'd describe it as addiction to amazing nutrition. Plain & simple. When you're ready to experience pure, unadulterated nutrition, incredible flavor and natural energy in a bottle, we're here for you. Kickstart your health. Change your life. Love us already? Share it with the yelp-ing world.