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Adaptogenic Latte Powders Holiday Set

$9000 $10500

We're offering all three Adaptogenic Lattes as a set for the holiday weekend! Receive the Turmeric Reishi, Match Moringa, and Rose, Beet, + Schisandra Berry latte mixes for just $90 ($15 off!) Sip your way to a boosted immune system, stress relief, lifted moods, and healthy skin with our mushroom + plant ally blends. Just add 2 tsp to your favorite warmed milk and say hello to a morning ritual that serves you well. Each latte mix makes 25 servings!

Beet, Rose, + Schisandra Berry Latte

organic beet, organic schisandra berry, organic rose, organic cinnamon, organic pure monk fruit

Good For: Adrenals, Beauty, Hormones

Reishi Turmeric Latte

organic turmeric, organic reishi, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic black pepper, organic ginger, organic pure monk fruit

Good For: Immunity, Longevity, Mental Clarity

Matcha Moringa Latte

organic matcha, organic moringa, organic lion's mane, organic pure monk fruit

Good For: Energy, Immunity, Longevity