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ADAPTOGENIC Powder : 7 Mushrooms + Heirloom Cacao


Vegan | Gluten Free | Made 100% From Plants

This is one of our very beloved formulations using 100% organic and locally grown mushroom extract powders and 100% organic heirloom cacao. A perfect addition to coffee, tea, healthy eats, etc! It contains 25% of the highest grade cacao, with bioactive cell wall extracted mushrooms. This is so good, you can sprinkle it onto just about anything, and it tastes heavenly. Also highly recommended for kids! 

Key Benefits:

+ Adaptogenic 

+ 7 Medicinal Mushroom Extract Powders 

+ Energizing and Uplifting  

+ May be immune protective* 

+ May aid in adrenal recovery and hormone balance* 

+ Can support the proper function of many organ systems*  

+ Great for kids! 

 SUGGESTED USE: Add 1/2-1tsp of Adaptogenic Powder to tea, cacao, coffee, nut balls, soups, or even savory sauces.