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Autumn Spice


2 reviews

16.9 oz Glass Bottle

organic granny smith apple,Ā gala apple, pear, organic orange, organicĀ ginger, organicĀ clove, nutmeg, organicĀ cinnamon, organicĀ allspice

  • Apples, spice, and everything nice! This juice is a pressed version of a fall staple, Apple Cider! A tart blend of citrus met with warm, fall spices keep your tastebuds on their toes while boosting your immune system. Apples + fall spices are full of antioxidants to keep your body healthy while the temps are changing!
  • Vive Tip: warm this juice up at home to enjoy the fresh flavors of fall while warming your body up.

Drink me if you...

  1. Want a high antioxidant beverage!
  2. Are looking for a fall inspired tea replacement.
  3. Want to keep your immune system boosted while sipping on a fall flavor.
  4. Miss your momā€™s famous Wassail recipe.

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