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Complete Chocolate Collection


Savor slowly. We believe that chocolate is a fine food. We go to great lengths to source the most flavorful cacao and to turn it into the best chocolate possible. So take your time and enjoy our complete offering of all the bars we make. Taste the differences in our origins, from the nutty & fruity flavors of the Peru cacao to the rich fudge flavors of our Ecuador beans. From there savor the inclusion bars—from Bourbon to Fleur de Sel to Madagascar Vanilla. From there we offer a taste of the Utah landscape with our Utah Mountain Line Bars. High Mountain Pine Nuts make our rich and creamy Pine Nut Bar a crowd favorite. Our Honeycomb Toffee Bar uses local wildflower honey while our Juniper Lavender bar uses lavender from the fields of northern Utah. Top it off with the perfect bar to accompany a night around a campfire—our S’mores Bar.

Complete Chocolate Collection Includes:

Peru 75%

Ecuador 75%

Ecuador 85%

Madagascar 75%

Mexico 75%

Belize 75%

Honeycomb Toffee 70%

Juniper Lavender 70%

Pine Nut 55%

S’mores Bar 70%

Bourbon Barrel Aged 75%

Vanilla Bar 70%

Novo Coffee 60%

Fleur De Sel 70%

The Nib Bar 70%

One Hundred Percent

Mid Mountain Blend 70%