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E3 Live Shot [Pre-Order]


2 reviews

2 oz. Glass Shot

organic e3live (blue-green algae), organic coconut water

    Sourced from the depths of Lake Klammath in Oregon, E3Live is a whole, living blue-green algae that energizes your mind, balances your mood and focuses your mind.

    While we won't say E3Live tastes great by any means, it is a unique and invigorating flavor experience that is difficult to compare to anything else. If you're brave, take it slow and notice the unfolding of flavors, ranging from delicate grassiness to pure sea. Most folks choose this one for the health benefits that are quite abundant for a 2oz shot.

    Packed full of nutrients with 65 different vitamins and minerals -- plus 6 grams of protein, this is a go-to if you're eating plant-based or need speedy muscle recovery. E3Live is especially high in B vitamins, which are great for the brain and nervous system. Additionally, E3Live contains 6x the amount of chlorophyll as wheatgrass, making it a great purifier for the blood.

    This shot supports the body as a great energy boost, muscle rehabilitator, and mental clarity motivator. With these benefits and more, this 2 oz shot is the perfect addition to your day.

    If you want to experience the many benefits E3 Live has to offer in a full size juice, try out The Hulk!

    Drink me when...

    Want some fuel for your workout.
    Are experiencing brain fog or lack of focus.
    Need a quick intake of vitamins and minerals for a nourshing energy boost.

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