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Friendship Kit [Pre-Order]

If you're quaranTEAM is your partner or roommate, we've bundled an order for you, two! Whether you quarantine in the same room or have your separate sections of the house... we all know the kitchen is common ground!

1x Abundance Box - Our newest offering of 40 fruits + vegetables that will keep your fridge full + fresh for over a week!

1x Immunity Kit + Extra Immunity Shot - If you're dodging allergies or just trying to keep your immune spirits high - this kit will help clear any congestion and boost your Vitamin C!
2oz Immunity Shot, Golden Milk and Orange You Glad + an extra 2oz Immunity Shot for your pal.

2x Breakfast Jars - Start your morning with sustainable energy with one of each of our most popular breakfast jar flavors!
Cacao Chia Pudding, Vanilla Buzz Overnight Oats

6x Snack Bombs - Easy snacking that isn't from a box - these plant-based bombs will keep you satiated until dinner!
3x Vanilla Protein Bombs, 3x Cacao Chia Bombs

Bonus: you don't have to rock, paper, scissors, to see who goes to pick up the groceries - we bring them straight to you for only $70!

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