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Hero [Pre-Order]

16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

pineapple, pear, grapefruit, chia seeds, coconut water

  • This fruity blend will be the rescue to your system you are looking for! The Hero is an easy, healthy replacement for your favorite energy drink. This thirst-quenching blend offers your body replenishing electrolytes, body temperature regulation, and a boost to your energy levels. The fruit-filled lineup makes this juice easy to sip on, but rest assured that it won't cause a spike in blood sugar -- this is due to its spoonful of chia seeds! If you're looking for a juice blend that will fuel your body and mind, then look no further. Your Hero is here!
  • Highlights: Energy Booster, Flu Fighter, Ultra Hydrating, Workout Fuel
Drink me if you...
  1. Just got done with a tough workout. 
  2. Spent all day in the sun. 
  3. Need a beverage to keep you motivated to finish that work project (bye-bye procrastinating!).

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