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The unique blend of floral and earthy notes in the Moonbloom candle is sure to delight your senses and transport you to a place of serenity and tranquility. At the top of the candle, you'll find a fresh and crisp combination of Pear, Agave, and Sage. These notes create a refreshing scent that invigorates the senses and brings to mind a bright, sunny day.

As the candle burns, the middle notes of Rose, Marine, Cherry Blossom, and Lavender emerge, adding a delicate and romantic layer to the fragrance. The marine notes add a touch of the ocean breeze, while the cherry blossom and lavender give a soft and feminine touch to the scent.

At the base of the candle, Amber, Tonka Bean, and Oakmoss come together to create a warm and cozy aroma that fills the room. The notes of Amber and Tonka Bean add a sweet and comforting touch, while the Oakmoss provides an earthy and grounding element to the fragrance.

8 oz Candle

Burn Time: 45- 50 Hours

Hand Poured 100% Soy Wax  

Top Notes: Pear, Agave, Sage

Middle Notes: Rose, Marine, Cherry Blossom, Lavender

Base Notes:  Amber, Tonka Bean, Oakmoss