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Pumpkin King [Pre-Order]

16.9 oz Glass Bottle

almonds, pumpkin, dates, allspice, clove, nutmeg, maple syrup, real salt

  • The King is back for their seasonal fall reign. This nut milk is creamy, filling, and exactly what you are looking for when the weather turns. The richness from almonds keep this milk filling - so you can sip slowly (if you can!) and stay satisfied longer. Pumpkin is PUMPED full of Vitamin A which makes this milk a complimentary blend to keep you healthy during a season that can be rougher on your immune system. You have the King’s army on your side.
  • Highlights: Heart-Healthy, Immune-Boosting, Seasonal, Top Seller, Workout Fuel

Drink me if you…

  1. Want a milk to hold you over for awhile.
  2. Are looking for a low sugar PSL alternative.
  3. Need an immune boost, but make it festive.

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