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Ritual Life Planner


Embrace rituals for deeper connections to the world around you.
Rituals give our lives shape and meaning. They express our joy, channel our grief, and connect us to what matters most. Through ritual, we find our spiritual rhythm — we return again and again to the people, stories, places, and practices that help us feel fully human.

This 20-page guidebook (6" x 8.5") and fold-out planner (22" x 22") will help you recognize, ennoble, and organize your ritual life so you can deepen your experience of joyful belonging.

Rituals give our lives shape and meaning.
Once completed you can hang up the fold-out poster with your year of rituals in your home, use it as a planning tool for upcoming events, or share with friends and family.

Most importantly, the Ritual Life Planner will give you a powerful new way to think about the coming year, full of meaningful moments to look forward to and enjoy.

A meaningful collaboration.
This product is a collaboration between Holstee and Casper ter Kuile.