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Seaside Hideaway


Seaside Hideaway is a refreshing and invigorating candle that transports you to a peaceful and serene coastal retreat. The top notes of Orchid, Ozone, and Orange combine to create a bright and zesty aroma that immediately captures your senses. The middle notes of Sea Salt, Plum, Eucalyptus, Freesia, and Green Leaves evoke the fresh and clean scents of the ocean, creating a feeling of calm and relaxation. Finally, the base notes of Sandalwood, Light Musk, and Amber provide a warm and comforting finish to the fragrance, making it the perfect addition to any relaxing evening at home.

Lighting Seaside Hideaway instantly transports you to a secluded beachside retreat, with its fresh and revitalizing aroma. The combination of citrus and sea salt creates a refreshing and uplifting scent that is perfect for rejuvenating your senses after a long day. The subtle hints of plum and eucalyptus add an extra layer of complexity, while the sandalwood and musk provide a warm and comforting finish that lingers long after the candle has been extinguished. With its blend of citrus, sea salt, and subtle floral notes, this candle is the perfect way to bring a touch of coastal paradise into your home.

8 oz Candle

Burn Time: 45- 50 Hours

Hand Poured 100% Soy Wax

Top Notes: Orchid, Ozone, Orange

Middle Notes: Sea Salt, Plum, Eucalyptus, Freesia, Green Leaves

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Light Musk, Amber