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Solo Kit [Pre-Order]

If you're practicing some #selfcare while you #selfisolate we've got a multiple course meal for one (because the Abundance Box will feed you for ~ d a y s ~) in the comfort of your pajama pants! With the addition of our Immunity Kit, you can focus on the downtime activities YOU want to do and we'll take care of the (juice) rest.

1x Abundance Box - Our newest offering of 40 fruits + vegetables that will keep your fridge full + fresh for over a week!

1x Immunity Kit - If you're dodging allergies or just trying to keep your immune spirits high - this kit will help clear any congestion and boost your Vitamin C!
2oz Immunity Shot, Golden Milk and Orange You Glad

Receive a free pack of Cacao Chia Snack Bombs! $4 value!

Let us keep your #fridgefresh for $50 so you don't have to squeeze "Harmons Pick-Up" into your to-do list!

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