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"Stardust" - a celestial and otherworldly scented candle that will transport you to a universe of possibilities.

At the top, you'll be greeted with the uplifting and refreshing scent of bergamot and the zesty brightness of lemon peel. Moving into the heart of the candle, you'll discover a blend of woody cedar and earthy hemp, creating an intriguing and mystical atmosphere.

And finally, grounding the scent is a base of warm and sensual amber, dark musk, and earthy vetiver, creating a sense of cosmic energy and wonder that will fill your space with a celestial ambiance.

The Stardust candle is the perfect choice for those seeking inspiration, creativity, and a sense of awe. Its unique blend of scents will help you connect with the universe and the infinite possibilities that surround us. Illuminate your space and let your imagination take flight with this enchanting and mystical candle. 

8 oz Candle

Burn Time: 45- 50 Hours

Hand Poured 100% Soy Wax

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon Peel

Middle Notes: Cedar, Hemp

Base Notes: Amber, Dark Musk, Vetiver