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Strawberry Fields [Pre-Order]


16.9 oz Glass Bottle

organic strawberry, red grape, gala apple, organic rose water, organic mint, and organic lemon

Strawberry Fields may not actually be forever, but this summertime fave is back on the menu!

Our take on a classic strawberry lemonade (sans extra sugar) may quickly become your go-to when you are craving something sweet, hydrating, and uplifting.

Rose is known for a variety of healing benefits and gives this recipe lovely floral notes, while mint supports the body's natural cooling abilities and offers a gentle crispness flavor-wise. High in antioxidants to nourish cellular health and vitamin C to keep the immune system sharp, this summer sipper will keep you moving and grooving all season long!

Drink me when...

You need to cool off from the hot summer heat.
You are feeling nostalgic and want to reminisce with our version of a childhood classic.
You're looking for a gentle energy boost that also uplifts your mood.