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We believe...

Health is Holistic

In a world that often says more, more, more -- we believe simplicity is bliss. When we keep it simple, nourishing ourselves with the abundance that nature offers and immersing ourselves in activities and ways of being that bring us true joy, we find that wellbeing often comes naturally.

We believe that health is a combination of the mind, body and spirit. We don't believe in diet, comparative, or restrictive culture that’s rooted in “fixing” - nor do we believe there is one right way to approach how you eat or live - we are simply focused on helping you feel the best you can.

We know that there are no "quick fixes" when it comes to true health; it is created by our daily choices and we aim to share nature's medicine to empower both your mind and body.

To us, the center of health is that of spirit, which can be found everywhere. In the food you eat (or the juice you drink!), in the dirt it was grown in, in water and wind, in the smile of another, in our own breath and body and in the gentle fire in our hearts. Spirit is found in nature, and we are not separate from it. When we approach our lives from an embodied perspective of interconnectedness, we find that our choices often reflect that. A world imbued with spirit is a world with more kindness, creativity, truth and love.

We practice...

Consciously Led Business

Led with intention by a husband and wife team, we weave together heart and mind in all that we do. Craig, Vive's CEO, brings brilliant business strategy and his passion for food to Brittany's, Vive's Founder, vision and embodied devotion to holistic health and wellbeing.

We believe that conscious business is a beautiful way of making a positive impact in the world and we approach our business choices with that in mind. At its simplest, we prioritize sustainability, high quality sourcing and values-based decision making (though in reality, it's much more than that). We also carefully select our community partners, such as non-profits WasteLess Solutions and Wasatch Community Gardens, to bring more positive change-making missions to life.

Our storefront team practices intentionality to co-create a warm, inviting atmosphere for you to tune in with yourself, commune with friends, read a good book or focus on your work at hand. We invest in our team's development to support them in serving our community with embodiment, knowledge and skill. We love to create connection with those who visit and share about our offerings along with what keeps us joyful and well!

Behind the scenes, we keep the juice flowing and good tunes playing in our kitchen to infuse each bottle with good vibes. Way back in the day, we did say we were fueled by fruits, veggies and dance parties... a lot has changed over the years, but that hasn't. 😜

We create...

Nourishment Inspired by Nature

We are meant to live vibrantly and full of vitality. Combining both the science of nutrition and the spirit of intuition, our recipes have been created to nourish that innate power. Not only do our our culinary creations do good, they taste great too. We've discovered that deliciousness and wellbeing aren't on opposite sides of the spectrum -- they can go hand in hand!

Just like nature intended, we like to keep things fresh. Left unprocessed, all our products, and specifically our raw juice, offer your body's cells every living enzyme and nutrient the plants have to give. While pressurizing our products would extend the shelf-life (cue nearly all juice sold in plastic bottles), we believe that quality is far more valuable than convenience. We preserve the purity of the plants - our allies on the path of wellbeing - by keeping our juice raw.

We are meticulous about our sourcing; prioritizing local, regional and organically grown produce whenever possible. We are working towards becoming officially certified organic, and at the time of this writing nearly 85% of all our ingredients already are.

Additionally, we have bottled our products in glass since day 1. Over the course of our first ten years, we've saved over 1 million bottles from ending up in the landfill. While processing or packaging in plastic would make more business sense, we know in our hearts that when we take care of nature, nature takes care of us too. We offer a simple bottle exchange program to make it easy to aid our sustainability efforts - simply bring back your clean glass bottles and jars and we'll offer 50¢ for each one towards your next purchase. Thank you for your participation!


"This is what food is supposed to be like."

These are the words I felt reverberate through my body the first time I stepped into the farmer’s market with my mom at the ripe age of 19. I was in the early stages of my journey with food and wellbeing; shifting from processed products to more home cooked meals, slowly learning about the importance of opting into local and organic where I could. My eyes were quickly being opened to natural approaches and holistic solutions for modern day challenges and all the ways our society needed to shift. I struggled with sleep, anxiety, depression and a deep sense of disconnection for much of my early years in life and I was discovering how to heal from the inside out.

I noticed that when I chose to consume foods that came from the earth, I felt nourished on a whole other level. My mood elevated, my energy levels improved, I had more motivation to tap into my creativity... simply put, I felt more connected not only to the beauty of the world, but also the light in me. My life felt more vibrant and full of possibility.

A deep part of me knew that when we connect with the earth and each other, whether through food or heartfelt exchanges, love was the true nourishment that we shared. While I didn’t know it in the moment, that day at the farmer’s market -- and this lesson that it instilled in me -- changed my life. 

A few years later, Vive came into being thanks to a small, yet successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, a few very special angels along the way and a nearly unbelievable amount of grit and grace. Never just a juice bar, Vive has been many things to many people. For nearly a decade, Vive has been a space to connect, to grow, to heal, to learn, to transform... and so much more. 

Our mission has been to inspire ourselves and others to prioritize health and wellbeing by creating simple (and delicious) options that nourish our minds, spirits and bodies with nature's medicine. To celebrate life and honor the world we share by choosing what helps us feel alive. 

-Brittany Anderson, Founder

Whether you’re years into tending to your health + wellbeing or you’re just getting started on your path, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you some goodness along the way.

Thank you for being here. 🫶