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Just As Nature Intended

We Keep It Fresh

No preservatives, no HPP, just 100% raw juice and an innovative cafe menu featuring high quality local + organic-whenever-possible sourcing*.

Find Us in the Heart of Sugar House

Nestled in SLC

Our light-filled storefront offers a welcoming environment to work, study, visit with friends, bring a first date, explore our apothecary, find inspiration in a new book or talk juice! We love to share our passion for what we do!

Formulated for Flavor + Function

Feel Good Fuel

Power up your day with energizing adaptogenic lattes, revitalizing smoothies, grab-n-go snacks and handcrafted toasts that'll have you saying "mmmm."

Nourish the Garden of You

Live vibrantly with the Earth's harvest through 100% raw cold-pressed juice, hand crafted smoothies, wildly delicious + nourishing food, satiating snacks and much more.

Here to Help You Stress Less

The Adrenal Tonic was designed to bring the body back to balance by replenishing your adrenals -- making it easier to produce stress-regulating hormones, reduce inflammation, feel more energized, less cloudy and experience more ease.

Create Abundance with the Colors of Life

Fuel your life's journey in three simple steps:

Now or Later?

First, choose between our On Demand Menu for items we have in stock now or our Pre-Order Menu if you would like to have juice made to order or are outside our On Demand Delivery Zone.

Pick-up or Delivery?

We offer on demand delivery within a 7 mile radius of our Sugar House storefront and pickups within 30 minutes. Pre-order delivery is extended to a 22 mile radius. View our delivery details + map here.

One-time or Subscribe?

If you’d like to receive your order regularly with ongoing 10% off standard pricing, simply select ‘recurring order’ at checkout. Cheers to your devotion!

O U R ‎ ‎ ‎M I S S I O N:

To inspire ourselves and others to heal & live well

For nearly a decade, our mission has been to inspire ourselves and others to prioritize health and wellbeing by creating simple, yet powerful natural remedies and culinary delights that nourish our bodies, inspire our minds and revitalize our spirits with nature's medicine.

We aim to illuminate the connection between ourselves, each other and the Earth and share reminders that true health extends far beyond just the food we eat and that there is tremendous value in living a heart-centered, joyfully embodied, mindful life.


Begins with a Loving Choice

We know firsthand that when you feel better, life simply is better. A sense of wholeness is always within reach and what we nourish ourselves with often has a deep impact on our lived experience of it.

What does wholeness feel like? To us, it's a beautiful synergy of authenticity, connection, fulfillment, passion, purpose and vibrant vitality. Wholeness is a remembrance that we're all connected, and that when we say yes to taking great care of ourselves, we benefit everyone and everything around us too.