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A Little About Us

Heart-Centered Approach to Biz

Nestled in SLC, we live, eat, breathe, and love within the same community as you. We are intentional about every aspect of our choices: planet first, local first, benefit first... to provide you with real, whole, and nourishing nutrition. Making healthy choices accessible and sustainable so you can find what feels good for your body and know it's kind to the planet in the process.

From batching our delivery routes, where we source our produce, utilizing US-made supplies, and everything in between; you can count on us to make choices that are thoughtful, aligned with nature and made with care.

100% Raw + Bottled in Glass

Our juice is 100% raw and unpasteurized. We chose to keep the organic integrity of the ingredients + the bottles by forgoing processing our juice blends (known as HPP). In lieu of longer shelf life, we keep the juice raw to give you the full living enzymes. We bottle exclusively in glass to protect the product, the planet, and you! Keeping in line with our green initiative, we offer a bottle exchange program -- bring back your clean, rinsed bottles for a credit towards your next purchase!

Sourced Local + Organic First.

Here at Vive, our plants for your juice, groceries, and snacks are sourced locally first and organic whenever possible. We partner with local farmers to get seasonal produce according to Utah's growing abilities as well as give some of those "ugly" veggies a second chance that would otherwise get tossed at a grocery store. Our juice pulp gets donated back to the farmers to use as compost for soil making it the #CircleOfJuiceLife. We actively work towards finding and partnering with more certified organic sources, so we can continue to contribute to a happy life and a happy planet.

Formulated for Function + Flavor

We've created each of our juice and smoothie recipes and plant-based snacks with an intention and a purpose. When we are at the drawing board, we formulate our recipes for function first, but not at the price of flavor. We believe eating (+ drinking) healthy should be easy and fun, so we make sure when you grab a green - you don't have to chug it down quickly. Even without refined sugars, additives, or ultra-sweet fruits our blends have a balance of benefit and taste. Any recipe you reach for you has your body (function) and mind (flavor) taken care of!

Holistic Approach to Health

We believe that health is a combination of the mind, body, and spirit. We don't believe in diet, comparative, or restrictive culture - we believe that you are wonderful just the way that you are and we are here to help you feel the best way that you can. Your life right now and nature together have everything that you need. We help foster that relationship by connecting people to plant-based, mindful living.

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