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About Us

For nearly ten years, we have evolved as a small company with a big family heart, adapting to the needs and desires of our community. We love serving you nourishment your body craves when you desire to feel your best.


"This is what food is supposed to be like."

These are the words I felt reverberate through my body the first time I stepped into the farmer’s market at the ripe age of 19. I was in the early stages of my journey with food and wellbeing; shifting from processed products to more home cooked meals, slowly learning about the importance of opting into local (and organic) where I could and my eyes were being opened to natural approaches and solutions for modern day challenges (sleep issues, anxiety, depression, disconnection and the like). 

I noticed that when I chose to consume foods that came from the earth, I felt nourished on a whole other level. My mood elevated, my energy levels improved, I had more motivation to tap into my creativity... simply put, I felt more connected not only to the beauty of the world, but also the light in me. My life felt more vibrant and full of possibility.

A deep part of me knew that when we connect with the earth and each other through food and heartfelt exchanges, love was the true nourishment that we shared. While I didn’t know it in the moment, that day at the farmer’s market -- and this lesson that it instilled in me -- changed my life. 

A few years later, Vive came into being thanks to a small, yet successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, a few angels along the way and a nearly unbelievable amount of grit and grace. Never just a juice bar, Vive has been many things to many people. For nearly a decade, Vive has been a space to connect, to grow, to heal, to learn, to transform... and so much more. 

Our mission has been to inspire ourselves and others to prioritize health and wellbeing by creating  simple (and delicious) options that nourish our minds, spirits and bodies. To celebrate life by choosing what helps us feel alive. 

-Brittany Anderson, Founder

We believe...

Health is Holistic

We believe that health is a combination of the mind, body, and spirit. We don't believe in diet, comparative, or restrictive culture - we believe that you are wonderful just the way that you are and we are here to help you feel the best way that you can. Your life right now and nature together have everything that you need. We help foster that relationship by connecting people to plant-based, mindful living.

We practice...

Heart-Centered Business

Nestled in SLC, we live, eat, breathe, and love within the same community as you. We are intentional about every aspect of our choices: planet first, local first, benefit first... to provide you with real, whole, and nourishing nutrition. Making healthy choices accessible and sustainable so you can find what feels good for your body and know it's kind to the planet in the process.

We keep the Earth-love circulating with our bottle exchange program - bring back your clean, rinsed bottles for a credit towards your next purchase. Together we have saved over 1 million plastic bottles from the landfills and ocean -- over two city blocks worth -- by packaging in glass since day one.

We create...

Nourishment for Power + Pleasure

Combining both the science of nutrition and the spirit of intuition, our intentional recipes mirror combinations of our innate sacred nature.

In each sip, you can taste the unique infusion of life-giving magic that sets you free. Reach for the Earth’s full spectrum of body enrichment and find the cleanest pleasure and truest power within.

Left unprocessed, Vive juice offers your cells every full living enzyme the plants have to give. While pressurizing our products would extend the shelf-life, we believe that quality is far more valuable than convenience. We preserve the purity of the plants - our greatest allies on the path of self-healing - to empower you from within.

We strive for...

Local + Organic First Ingredients

Here at Vive, our plants for your juice, groceries, and snacks are sourced locally first and organic whenever possible. We partner with local farmers to get seasonal produce according to Utah's growing abilities as well as give some of those "ugly" veggies a second chance that would otherwise get tossed at a grocery store. Our juice pulp gets donated back to the farmers to use as compost for soil making it the #CircleOfJuiceLife. We actively work towards finding and partnering with more certified organic sources, so we can continue to contribute to a happy life and a happy planet.

Whether you’re years into your journey or you’re just getting started on your path, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you some nourishing goodness along the way.

Thank you for being here. 🫶