Note: Same-Day items are subject to in-store availability. Get access to our full, unrestricted menu by choosing items from our Pre-Order menu.

Ordering + Delivery Details

1. First, choose between our Same-Day Menu for items we have in stock now or our Pre-Order Menu for fresh grocery delivery, cleanses and/or to have your cold-pressed juices made-to-order or are outside our Same-Day Delivery Zone (green circle).

2. After making your order selections, choose whether you'd like your order to be for pick-up or delivery and choose your desired date/time from the provided windows.

• Pre-Order Delivery Window - M/W/F: 7am-11am | T/TH/SU: 4pm-6pm

• Same-Day Delivery Every Hour - M-S: 10am-4pm

3. To turn your delivery into a subscription, specify that you'd like to receive this order every week, every other week, or every month.

4. Sip back and relax! Your order will be ready for you at the date and time you specified on your order. If you've chosen delivery, you'll receive a text message when our driver is en route and final notification when your order is on your doorstep!

Why Choose Delivery?

You're With Good Company

"I just got my first abundance box this week and I loved it! It has a great variety of produce that has helped me supplement my infrequent grocery runs. The abundance box has kept me out of the grocery store this week, and still excited about cooking!" - J. Kemper

"Box was on the doorstep when we woke up! Great to have a variety of fresh produce delivered during these uneasy times. I used some items in a stir fry last night. Thank you, Vive Juicery." - H. Serrell

"THANK YOU!! Y’all are amazing. These boxes have been a delight!" - Jess V.

"Speedy contactless delivery! So impressed and so excited for my yummy juices. Thanks Vive!" - Sadie J.

"I've had a week's worth of fresh juice cleanses delivered to my home and I'm ready to do it again. I'm happy to continue supporting this local small business!" - Rachel C.

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