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Let Us Cater Your Next Event

Options & Pricing

Minimum order size for catering is $300 per day but you can always order from our Pre-Order Menu for smaller orders! We can accomodate large events up to 1000 bottles per day. Additionally, we offer free delivery on all catering orders and can deliver according to your schedule.

Standard Pricing

Catering pricing is based on the following pricing structure:

• 8.4oz - $6.50/bottle*

• 16.9oz - $11.11/bottle

• By the Gallon - $65/gallon*

As always, bring back your rinsed your glass bottles for a 50¢ credit for each one!

*available exclusively for catering orders

Savings Tiers

Tier 1: 5% off
orders totaling $300 - $499

Tier 2: 10% off
orders totaling $500 - $999

Tier 3: 15% off
orders totaling $1000 - $1999

Tier 4: 18% off
orders totaling $2000 - $2999

Tier 5: 20% off
orders totaling $3000+

Savings applies to total order price, including orders that span multiple delivery days

Storage Options

We have a variety of coolers and beverage dispensers available, whether you're looking for a more finished look or need all-day cooling.

• Coolers are $25/day

• Dispensers are $20/day

Let us know a little bit about your event and we can make recommendations that suit your needs.

Promotional Artwork

Our front and back labels must remain adhered, but we offer custom artwork and printing on up to 2 sides of the bottle. Prices vary, starting at:

• $1/per side

• 100 label minimum

• 14 Day Lead Time

Artwork is subject to approval and must be appropriate for all ages.

Catering Inquiries

Please share as much information as you can about your event. What quantity? What date(s)? Would you like a cooler or beverage dispenser? Do you know the flavors you want or would you like some suggestions?

 Someone from our team will reach out, usually within 24 hours, to discuss more detailed pricing and options.

 We look forward to working with you!

 *At this time we do not cater smoothies, but all our other products are available!