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Cold-pressed juice is a two-step method that protects and preserves the nutrients, enzymes and natural shelf-life. Cold-pressing relies on hydraulic pressure to extract every last drop of plant goodness. No additional heat or oxygen is used in the process, meaning that no nutrients are lost compared to traditional juicing methods. Learn more here.

We are proud to partner with small, local farms first. What we can't source locally, we purchase certified organic produce whenever possible. We partner with a regional produce distributor to minimize the distance from garden to glass and maintain our high quality standards. As of December 2020, more than 50% of all our produce is certified organic.

There are three major benefits to shopping locally first:

1. We know the entire story of the produce we are receiving, and often, we receive the plants the day of or day after they were harvested!

2. When we shop from our neighbors, we boost our community's economy! This allows us to keep financial resources in our own backyard.

3. Small farmers still use organic practices but lack sufficient funds to receive (and keep!) organic certification, as it can quickly cost over thousands of dollars to do so. Shopping locally has the same quality but introduces much easier accessibility as well. #WinWin

When Utah's growing season allows, our fridges can be filled with up to 60% local fruits and veggies. 🥕

To us, "plant-based" simply means the ingredients can be found growing in nature (hello, plants)! While we recognize the many preferences folks have on what to eat, our mission is to make eating more plants, more often... accessible, effortless, and downright delicious. Putting plants at the center of our plates benefits not only our bodies, but our Earth. A plant-based lifestyle significantly lowers the environmental footprint of our diets, greatly helps fight climate change and gets more benefit-based food to more families. 

Our juices are 100% raw. They are unpasteurized and unprocessed 100% of the time, meaning they are not treated with high-pressure processing (HPP) or pasteurization. We chose the raw route (again!) because we believe in real food (and for the health benefits). 

When juices are pasteurized the product is quickly brought to very high temperatures and quickly reduced to cold temperatures. This process is done to kill off potentially harmful bacteria however, it can kill off the healthy kind as well! Store-bought orange juice, along with non-refrigerated fruit juices have all been treated with pasteurization.

HPP can be used to bypass pasteurization yet is used to prolong shelf life. In this process, the product is placed under extreme pressure from water and can extend a juice's life for 90 days. However, products that use HPP have to be bottled in plastic, as the glass would shatter from the pressure. This is why you'll find cold-pressed juice in plastic bottles at your local grocery stores. Plastic is a big clue that the juice (more often than not!) has been treated with HPP, which also means you are not drinking fresh juice, but rather a recipe that has been on the shelf for three months.

We chose neither of these processes and stay in favor of raw because we believe in getting the most from your juice, and drinking vegetables ASAP. It's a difference you can feel and taste! 

We've bottled in glass since the very beginning and wouldn't have it any other way. Glass is not only better for the juice, it's better for your body and the environment. Throughout Vive's lifetime, we have kept over a million plastic bottles from reaching the landfill! Glass can be continuously recycled and reused - where plastic can only be downcycled (and is often not recycled at all)!

We must continue to forge pathways that make our lifestyles not only sustainable, but regenerative -- that's why all of our packaging is plastic-free and we offer a buy-back program for all of our glass.

As a general rule, our 100% raw, fresh juices last between 3-7 days. To help you remember, there is a drink-by date printed on the lid. We recommend drinking your bottle within 24 hours of the first opening to minimize nutrient loss through oxidization. 

Our juices are pressed with love in a commercial kitchen facility less than 10 miles from our storefront location. Why offsite? Well, you might be amazed by the scale of our operation -- we make our way through hundreds of pounds of produce each day. Producing offsite allows us to press on efficiently and provide a welcoming environment for our store.

This can be true! If you were to make an all fruit juice on your own or pick one out, then the sugar content can be quite high. Here at Vive, we've formulated our recipes to be veggie-forward, maximizing benefits and minimizing sugar. If you're watching your sugar intake, we recommend sticking with our greens menu.

Juice might not be your go-to if you're looking for fiber, that is true. However, not all fiber is lost in juicing; some soluble fiber (the kind your body breaks down) is retained in the cold-press process. With juice, the pulp is separated from the liquid, providing you a beverage that is highly concentrated with nutrients that are bioavailable with virtually no effort on your system's part.

We believe all businesses have an ethical responsibility to the planet we share. Here at Vive, we do this by bottling our juices and smoothies in glass, offer plastic-free Abundance Boxes, and shop from our very own community to avoid further travel emissions it would take to source ingredients outside of Utah.

Our juice has an entire life story, sourcing from local farms all the way to giving the pulp back to the same farms to use as compost. The juice you drink today directly effects the juice you'll drink in the future!

Additionally, we partner with Momentum Recycling for glass and general recycling services. Our production facility is diligent about recycling and minimizing the use of paper and plastic materials.

The food industry is traditionally one of THE most wasteful industries and we're committed to doing our part to change that.If you have feedback or suggestions to share, we'd love to hear from you!

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We have a $5 flat fee for delivery! We are able to offer such a low delivery fee because we optimize our delivery routes so that we can deliver a lot of orders very efficiently. Our route optimizations curb emission rates upwards of 40% when compared to each customer driving separately to pick up their orders. Think of it like a juice car pool!

All across the Wasatch! From Bountiful to Alpine and from Day Break to Park City. You can always check your zip code on our website to find out if your address is eligible for delivery or visit our delivery map here to see if you are in our zone.

Our minimum order amount for delivery is $30. However, you can pick up a subscription or order for any amount of juices! 

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Cleansing has a long list of benefits that vary from person to person. Done properly, a cleanse can improve your digestion and charge you with renewed energy. Cleanses are a great opportunity to clear the clutter from your system, deepen your relationship with your body and explore your nutritional habits with greater awareness. Some of our most commonly reported benefits include mental clarity, lasting energy, better sleep, a glowing complexion, and physically feeling lighter. 

You might, but this isn't the intention of our cleanses nor is it a sustainable approach to body transformation. We encourage you to view cleansing as a means to kickstart long-term habits such as eating clean, whole foods, exercising regularly, and tending to your mental health to keep you feeling your best.

Yes! If you invest some energy in the preparation phase of your cleanse, you'll likely be equipped to move throughout your typical to-do's while sipping on some delicious juice. However, we do recommend staying mindful about when you are cleansing! Have a long weekend coming up? That's great! This will help clear your schedule so you can focus on cleansing! If you have a major exam or work project coming up, a cleanse may not be the best prep for that occasion. Cleansing should be the "main event" during the time you decide to give your body a reboot!

In our experience, this question is really: can I have coffee while cleansing? The simple answer is we don't recommend it! Cleansing is a time to step away from toxins and our vices. If you are extra worried about the no-caffeine part, we recommend weaning yourself off and experimenting with herbal tea ahead of time. Check out our full list of preparatory recommendations here.

We're happy to report that generally speaking, the juice lineup and daily intake of water is generally enough to keep you satisfied. If you are worried about hunger pains, we recommend our "cushy" cleanse upgrade which provides you with a raw soup and superfood snack bites. You may also have raw veggies or low-sodium broth during your cleanse for extra support.

Our cleanses are formulated in a way to keep your blood sugar at bay and to give you the types of nutrients your body is craving at just the right time. When ordering a cleanse, you'll get the exact lineup. If you'd like to make any kind of substitutions, the way to do so it to "build-your-own" cleanse and add each individual flavor to your cart. (Don't worry - there's no price difference!)

No need to worry! You won't be constantly using the bathroom. It's possible that you may need to relieve yourself more frequently due to the higher liquid intake, but you won't be stuck there for long. Even if you have other business to attend to (which is absolutely normal on a cleanse!), it's usually not something you need to schedule your day around. While we're talking about bathroom business, we want to reassure you now that the change of color (red) is totally okay. It's just the beets!

We've made preparing for your cleanse easy by providing plenty of resources. We've been around the cleanse block a couple times. 😉 We recommend spending at least two days prior to your cleanse slowly removing foods like dairy, meat, and grains from your meals! This makes it so when it's time to cleanse, your body has an easier job releasing toxins. Again, try to avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Here is a Vive approved love it, leave it, and limit it list to help your pre-cleansing experience!

Generally speaking, day one is full of intention and getting in-tune with your body. This day can be full of excitement for the cleanse and the feeling of commitment to yourself. Day two can be a little stronger on the cleansing symptoms. Headaches, muscle fatigue, and irritability may be present; rest assured these are signs your body is doing the good work! If you pre-cleanse, these symptoms are usually mild at most. By day three, most have moved into what we call the "honeymoon phase. Whether it's the feeling of accomplishment because you are almost done or the excitement that you are starting to see the benefits! Day three feels lighter, energizing, and empowering to transition out of a juice detox and into your new food relationship and habits!

We recommend cleansing for three days to have a total digestive reboot!

Post-cleansing is simple and very similar to pre-cleansing. You're just going backwards as you transition slowly back to food. Slowly introduce different food groups (if you want to!) starting with grains, and adding any meat or dairy at the very end, when you are ready to fully transition back into eating regularly. We encourage you to do this slowly so you can feel how different food items fuel you! Use the love it, leave it, and limit it list to help navigate your food choices for the two days after your cleanse.

You call up your cleanse BFFS (us)!We are available via Instagram DM, phone call, or replying to the welcome email you received. We're here as your cheerleaders, cleanse masters, and overall wellness advocates. No question is too silly or small, we've heard it all. Reach out to us any time you need support! No matter what you are feeling, you are exactly where you need to be - we can just explain everything in further detail!

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