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Pre-Cleanse Guide

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Pre-Cleanse Guide

Whether it's your first cleanse ever or you're practically a pro, this pre-cleanse guide is here to help you prepare for your wellness journey ahead. Purposeful cleansing is a beautiful way to heal and align your body and the first step of this experience is the transition into cleansing, also known as Pre-Cleansing. Investing in conscious planning, you'll find that your fast itself is more enjoyable and you're likely to reap more benefits: truly a win-win!

Consider Your Timing

When scheduling your cleanse, we find it useful to be a bit strategic. While it might be tempting to cleanse during a busy time so you aren't focused on the fact you aren't eating solid food, you may be better served fasting when you can provide your body with a bit of extra rest and attention. Ultimately, trust your intuition and remember that if you have a strong enough reason for wanting to cleanse, your will will follow. 

Diet Adjustments

At least 48 hours before your cleanse, slowly remove processed foods, animal products, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol from your intake. We know... it might feel like a bit much to give it all up, but trust us here. If you go from a big night out directly into cleanse mode, you're opening yourself up to a more challenging experience. Equally, go cold turkey on a coffee or sugar habit... not so pleasant either. We encourage you to ease into this transition. Wellness doesn't rush.

A quick reference guide on what to love, limit and leave for a few days before and after your cleanse:

Food Love, Limit + Leave List | Vive Juicery | Cold-Pressed Holistic Juice Cleanse

If you'd really like to tap into how the food you eat makes you feel, keep a food journal while you use this guide and continue as you re-integrate your desired "Leave It" foods post-cleanse. Listen to your body’s cues, both during and after you eat. Make note when you experience gut issues (bloating, cramping, indigestion, to name a few), feel groggy or sluggish. It’s also helpful to make note when you feel especially great after eating. This can lead you to make aligned food choices more often.

Setting Intentions

Taking the time to get clear about what you want is one of the most important practices you can use to get what you’re looking for.

Take a few moments to get still, connect with your breath and set your intentions. You can do this by asking yourself these questions and record your thoughts in a journal:

How would you like to feel after your cleanse? What does a successful cleanse look like to you? What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Setting intentions looks different for everyone. For some, the intention may be simply to uphold their commitment to themselves to complete this cleanse. For others, it may be to gain insight into their eating habits or evaluate their relationship with food. It could be to improve digestion or get a better night’s rest. Perhaps you’d like to deepen your inner knowing muscle or show yourself that you can do hard things.

Whatever your why, setting intentions before you start the cleanse gives you an objective way to reflect on your experience. #GetOutWhatYouPutIn

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