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Three ways to (truly) enjoy Valentine's day this year!

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Three ways to (truly) enjoy Valentine's day this year! - Vive Juicery

Whether you're coupled up or spending this holiday solo, Valentine's day can bring a lot of stress! According to the National Retail Federation, in 2019, the US spent $20 billion on this holiday. That's about two hundred billion bottles of juice, or for those visual vivers out there, that would mean our bottles could wrap around the Earth 100 times.

Hearing this can be anxiety-inducing itself, so we invite you to sip back and relax... let's talk about what juices are for you if you want to show yourself some love, avoid the anxious bug, or to celebrate your ticker this holiday.

#SelfCare Everyday

If this weekend is just another weekend for you and your boo (insert: partner, Galentine, soul sister), and you're looking forward to a warm bath, watching Heal on Netflix, and a yummy home-cooked meal all you need is a little cacao treat. We're about intentional living, indulging, and having what you want- guilt-free. Our Cacao Bliss is a blissful way to please that Valentine's sweet tooth. To give you all the feels, this nut milk promotes a healthy, open heart. This is because of Phenethylamine, aka the chemical your body releases when you have emotional euphoria is found in Cacao. If there's such a thing as a love potion, it's here in SLC.

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Anxiousness goes hand-in-hand with this holiday, along with surprising your loved one with a gift. (Let the irony sink in) Many mindfulness practices could be beneficial to use this weekend; unplug from social media, move your body, journal love letters to yourself. Everything feels better when you're drinking... juice! Our medium-bodied green juice, Stella has spinach and kale that help promote magnesium through the body. For those familiar with seeking magnesium- it's probably tied to their nightly routine. This is because magnesium helps with restful sleep, preventing anxiety, and treating low motivation/focus. Drink your greens this weekend to feel structure, balance, and dare we say... nirvana.

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As a company that works, rumbles and flows from a heart-centric space... keeping your ticker healthy is near and dear to our love organ (the one above the waist). To celebrate this holiday for all that it is, we're going to get real mushy. Fitting for this weekend, the Local Love helps move oxygen throughout the body. While you can never give your heart a day off, you can sip things that make the job easier! Specifically, the juice of these roots has shown to reduce high blood pressure. A lower blood pressure = lower risk of heart disease. I know we all learned math for something. Welcome to your weekend mantra; Beets help the heartbeat stronger.

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Show yourself, your body, or those that would make your top three (if myspace still existed) some love again! This weekend is all about some TLC- for you or your sugar. Need a little more lovin'? Visit us in-store to chat with a Wellness Ambassador and find the perfect product for you!

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