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Beet, Rose + Schisandra Berry Latte Powder


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9oz. Glass Jar - 25 servings | Return for 50¢ Glass Credit

organic beet, organic schisandra berry, organic rose, organic cinnamon, organic pure monk fruit

How to Use:
Mix 2 tsp powder with milk of choice. Enjoy hot or iced.


Order a made-to-order cup for pickup or delivery from our storefront here.

Elevate your daily routine with a latte designed to nourish your spirit, body and mind. Inspired by the wisdom of ancient traditions and blended with the excitement of modern wellness, this beautiful latte mix (just look at that color! 😍) is a perfect choice for those who are dipping their toes into herbal remedies for natural health + vibrant wellbeing.

You know the saying "diamonds are a girl's best friend"? Well, they got it wrong -- it's not diamonds, it's beets. In powder form, beets lend an earthy sweetness that's good for the brain, the blood and the belly. Straight out of traditional Chinese wellness books, we've added Schisandra Berry for its estrogen-balancing and mood boosting properties along with its circulatory benefits. Both the beets and the berries contain nitrates that help oxygenate our bodies and improve circulation, releasing toxins from the system and increasing physical stamina. Paired with rose for a soft floral flare, this powerful petal may offer enhanced mood support and decreased inflammation. Cinnamon brings antioxidants and a little bit of warmth and spice, offering assistance in supporting cellular health and all around wellness.

A sweet and simple sippable ritual that's helpful for balancing the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems that promotes less stress, heart health and happy hormones? We're one big yes to that.

Drink Me When You...

Are looking to support your body before and during your moon cycle or menopause.
Are focusing on increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation.
Need a little extra love for your heart (emotionally or phsyically!)