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Local Love


2 reviews

16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

beet, granny apple, organic carrot, organic bok choy, organic lemon, organic ginger

    The perfect blend of sweet and earthy, the Local Love is filled with ingredients to support your blood, brain, and belly.

    Beets not only add a vibrant color to your day, they are packed with nutrients that boost athletic performance, help oxygenate the blood, give you an energy boost, and help detox your vital organs. With the addition of apples, bok choy, and ginger, Local Love has the perfect team to support the digestive system. 

    Being one of our best detox and digestive reset juices, the Local Love is featured in two of our juice cleanses! If you aren’t ready for a full cleanse or just want a quick reset, the Local Love is a great single juice option, or you can pair it with a green juice (one of our favorite recommendations) for some extra nutrients. Whether you drink the Local Love on its own or as part of a cleanse, this juice will be sure to get you back on track. 

    Enjoy me when...

    You want to boost your athletic performance or recover more quickly from the gym.
    Your digestive system could use a little bit of TLC.
    You need some menstrual cycle support (cramps, grounding, etc)

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