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Matcha Glow


4 reviews

16.9 oz. GlassĀ Bottle

organic cashews,Ā organicĀ dates, organicĀ matcha, organicĀ cardamom, organicĀ spirulina, organicĀ cinnamon, organicĀ maple syrup, filtered alkaline water
  • Our top-selling flavor from the plant milks menu! The Matcha Glow is a creamy cashew nut milk that provides the body with natural sugars and caffeine to give you an energy boost that won't end in a crash. Here at Vive, we use ceremonial grade matcha, giving this nut milk a really nice and balanced sweetness. High in both proteins and fiber, Matcha Glow makes for a great meal replacement or just a mid-day pick-me-up!Ā Ā 
Drink me if you...
  1. Want to switch to natural caffeine.
  2. Need a juice for lasting, sustainable energy!
  3. Are studying for a test.
  4. Need a mid-day mood enhancer!

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