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Root to Happiness


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16 oz. Glass Jar

banana*, almonds, coconut oil*, an adaptogenic blend of: cacao*, maca*, reishi*, lion's mane*, ashwaganda*, coconut milk*

Take a sip to attunement! This rich chocolate-y blend combines your favorite flavors and your body's favorite powerhouses - cacao and adaptogens! This smoothie works as a love spell to yourself. The cacao brings feelings of happiness, belonging, and connection. The adaptogens such as ashwagandha, reishi, and lions mane work wonders for anxiety, stress, and cognitive function. You'll sip so happy, your body won't even notice the earthy flavors of mushrooms - at least until it feels the effects! 

Drink me if you want to please your mind, body, and soul!

On Demand smoothies will be freshly-prepared 5 minutes before your selected pick up time.

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