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Standard Cleanse [Pre-Order]


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OurĀ Standard Cleanse is one of our most popular and balanced cleanse lines. Perfect for those familiar with juice cleansing and who enjoy green juices. We recommend this cleanse for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Make your cleanse "cushy" by adding a 12 oz. raw soup and superfood bar for $12/day!*

Your daily menu:

  1. Stella: kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, lime
  2. Orange You Glad: carrot, orange, apple, ginger , turmeric
  3. Sweet Mint: spinach, cucumber, green apple, pear, mint
  4. Local Love: beet, carrot, apple, swiss chard, lemon, ginger
  5. Emerald City: romaine, spinach, cucumber, kale, parsley, microgreens, watercress, lemon, ginger
  6. Almond Milk: almonds, filtered water, dates, cinnamon, vanilla extract, real sal

**For cleanses longer than 3 days, please placeĀ a separateĀ order for the subsequent days you would like. This ensures you get the freshest juice that will last the duration of your cleanse. Rather than picking up a 5 day cleanseĀ all atĀ once, you will pick up 3 days and then the additional 2 days a few days later.**

**NoĀ substitutions, please. If you would like to receive different juices simply add the juices you would like to your cart and check out. There is no price difference between a cleanse and purchasingĀ 6Ā juices individually.**

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