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Sweet Mint [Pre-Order]


2 reviews

16.9 oz Glass Bottle

organic granny apple, spinach, cucumber, pear, organic mint

    If you are new to juicing and want to ease your way up the green juice ladder, Sweet Mint is the perfect first step.

    Not only is this bottle of refreshing goodness approachable to just about everyone (many kids and others not fond of veggies approve!), it's filled to the brim with benefits.

    Mint and apple help keep things flowing digestively, and the menthol in mint helps to cool and soothe sore throats, sinuses, and other upper respiratory issues. Spinach, cucumber and pear round out the recipe with their high vitamin A content, nourishing our eyes, organs, and immune system. 

    You may hear our storefront team liken this recipe to a minty cucumber cooler, keeping you hydrated from your head to your toes! The light aroma and refreshing flavor of mint will have your nervous system thanking you, making you the chillest person at the BBQ (be ready to share your good vibes secret)! 

    Drink me when...

    Your nervous system could benefit from a little nourishment.
    You want to soothe a sore throat and other upper respiratory symptoms.
    Are new to green juices or would like something on the sweeter side.

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