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Adrenal Tonic Focus Group

What Stage of Adrenal Fatigue Am I In?

Understanding Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue is a root level issue meaning that when you nourish your adrenals, it has a beneficial effect on the rest of your body systems too. We're taking things one layer deeper into the mechanics, supported by research and science-based facts.

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Brittany's Burnout Story

An intimate personal view into Brittany's life experience.

Moving through adrenal fatigue, burnout, deep healing and the process of transforming stress with intentional nourishment. Start here if you want to learn some inner-workings of Vive's story.

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Adrenal Tonic Story Q+A

Why did you create the Adrenal Tonic and who is it for?

To be honest, I created the Adrenal Tonic because it is something that I wish I would have had sooner in my own health journey. Would it have prevented me from experiencing burnout, adrenal fatigue or PTSD all on its own? Of course not. Could it have made the healing process a bit more easeful? I believe so!

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