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3 Easy Ways to Conquer Your Cleanse - Vive Juicery

3 Easy Ways to Conquer Your Cleanse

Our bodies are equipped with natural remedies to detoxify themselves. (Hi liver and kidneys, how are ya?) However, it takes about 18 hours to digest your last meal and times that by three meals a day.. oh boy. A juice fast supports and aids our natural detoxifying process with readily bioavailable ingredients that your body needs little to no effort to absorb. Cleansing is the first step toward resetting your #healthyhabits with no less than 20lbs of produce a day!

Now that you've completed a fasting program and want to get the most out of your refurbished digestive system, what's next? With your nutrient tanks filled to 110%, here's how to capitalize on a new colon + new you.

Chew Consciously

Even though your body is flooded with everything you need during a cleanse, our brain wants solid foods to chew. Chewing sends a cue to Einstein up there that you are in fact, eating. Ahhh, humans can be so simple. However, your digestive system has just been on vacation and may need a couple of hours to reintegrate itself!

Your very first meal should be full of vegetables and portion conscious. Don't worry - we aren't asking you to fast even longer. Enjoy smaller meals and plenty of hydration every three hours. You'll feel satiated longer and your digestive system won't be in carb overload.

*Continue to integrate green juice into your nutrition to continue support for your natural detoxification process. Our Emerald City is the most potent for vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Eat More Plants

Whatever -vore you are, it's important to slowly introduce healthy fats (avocados, olive oils, nut or seed butters) after your cleanse. Items that fall under dietary fats will supply your body with more energy, cell growth, organ protection, nutrient absorption, and hormone production.

Here's the rub -- not all fats (or foods) are created equal. Plants are easy on your body to digest and are chockfull of health-promoting benefits. Even if it's just one day a week, try eating only plants.

Not your style? No sweat. Slowly bring back your dietary preferences one category at a time, one meal at a time.

Walk, Don't Run (Right Away)

After a cleanse, you'll find yourself with sustainable, clean energy (#yaaas) and while you'll want move, wiggle, and sweat... be mindful as you reintroduce workouts into your routine. Be gentle with your body and start off with restorative yoga or free-form swimming.

You gave more than your digestive system a much-needed break, your muscles will need a day or two to be reintroduced to intentional movement. Stretch and massage your muscles often as they will enjoy the improved airflow!

The biggest thing to take away is your body is unique! These tips will help reintroduce your body and stomach to nutrient normalcy, but you are undoubtedly your body's #1 expert. There isn't a wrong way to post-cleanse, these steps just make it easier. You already did the hard part - now it's time to enjoy the mental, physical, and emotional benefits. Welcome to your health(ier) wellness journey!


I am on my fifth cleanse from VIve. Love it, it is a great reset for my diabetes and my overall health. I am 56 years old and I blog about maintaining my health over fifty. This is definitely something I encourage.

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