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Emerald City

16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

spinach, bok choy, cucumber, parsley, zucchini, celery, lemon, ginger

  • If you're avoiding sugar, Emerald City is the juice for you! While each bottle has heavy leafy greens such as kale and spinach, we've pressed some Bok Choy into this recipe to balance the bitterness of the greens. Deep & earthy, but not too much. These green veggies offer your body plenty of B Vitamins which are useful for energy, brain function, and cell metabolism. If you mean business when it comes to drinking your vegetables, this juice is for you!
Drink me if you...
  1. Just finished a HIIT workout and need energy!
  2. Are looking for a benefit-packed meal replacement.
  3. Want a quick way to get your #5aday!
  4. Love a green juice with little to no sugar!

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