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3 Reasons To Shop Local - Vive Juicery

3 Reasons To Shop Local

Typically, when you think about getting the most bang for your buck, you're probably thinking of investing, finding the best discounts online, or buying a house vs. renting. However, have you ever thought about the return you get from shopping local? When you shop local, you will get to experience your community rising with you. #TeamWinWin⁣

For example, with every $100 spent locally, $60-70 will return to your communities activity. Think about your dollar as if it's your vote. What do you want to survive? What do you want to stand for? When you see it this way, it's easier to give it to your local grocery store, gas station, a juice bar ( 😉), tradespeople, farms, the list goes on. This is because the opportunity and offerings in your very own backyard are ENDLESS!


Here at Vive, our most important value is local, first. We source our produce and products locally whenever possible. This is because shopping locally adds a whole different level of trust. You can meet the farmers, see their farms, and ask them questions about the farming practices they use. This produce is picked as fresh as you can get it. Seriously. Read that again. You can never get produce any fresher than that from your own backyard, whether it's yours or your neighbors. It's plucked under the same sky you see. Most local farmers are still using organic practices; however, because of their smaller scale, they are not financially prepared to get the organic stamp of approval. The bright side of that? They also aren't financially prepared to market or dis way information that isn't true and transparent. What you see is what you get, and you can see this produce in its natural habitat! It basks in the same sun you do. 



When you nurture one local business, you're probably nurturing several. Local businesses shop from their neighboring vendors. These owners are invested in their community's welfare and future. They support the small hustle and want to invest in the likeminded owners beside them. Shopping local helps to grow community options, innovation, and character! Thanks to the small business practices of Salt Lake, you can choose from many family-owned, woman-owned, and minority-owned businesses opposed to being surrounded by national sized chains. Shopping locally directly promotes unique character to your city!

No one cares for your community more than your own. Small businesses understand that you matter most, and will readily offer better customer service practices than the national competitor. Local companies often attract employees who share the same values and passion as the company they apply for. They are invested consumers themselves, and join teams to continue to educate and promote the product they love personally! Small business employees are more likely to have compassion towards you for being another ambassador of the product. They've had success, and they want you to as well! This allows for personalized experiences and providing better customer service as each employee has their own backlog of experience, description, uses, and beginning stories of the company and themselves.



Shopping locally is more kind to the earth. There's less shipping involved, which trickles into less pollution, habitat loss, and resource depletion. It's estimated that over one million packages get delivered daily. When you shop locally, your produce/product is traveling less than 100 miles. For scale, other produce (yes, this means some organic produce) is traveling over 1,500 miles before it gets to the grocery store. Choosing local significantly cuts down on air pollution and energy, as the local produce doesn't need to take a flight to get to you or be stored in a refrigerated system. Bonus, public transportation, or even your bike can usually get you to your locally-sourced grocery store, juice bar, or farmers market. Another aspect of the planet over profit when you shop local is the preservation of the land and wildlife that is natural to your city! Our local farmers are typically natives to the area, and honor their facilities vs. outside businesses or developers that can come in and completely transform the land.



Keep the dollar close and shop locally to continue to promote the success of your community! These are only three of the endless benefits that come to your backyard when you buy within. Whether you do it for better, fresher produce, to minimize your carbon footprint, or to continue the growth and integrity of your city (hello, new jobs in your area!) when you shop local, you shop with trust, transparency, and confidence. 

Shopping local is at our core. Here at Vive, we work to strengthen our community to feel better and show up better – and that all starts with nourishing your body. We believe in being a transparent, modern resource to folks who want to feel better and be mindful of what they consume. Connecting with you through food is the definition of living our dreams. Visit us today and let's talk more about the efforts Vive Juicery does to promote a happy + healthy SLC!

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