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Keepin' it Glassy 2020 - Vive Juicery

Keepin' it Glassy 2020

Hey #ViveFam!

We officially take bottles back all day, every day! Thank you for your patience over the last couple of months as well as holding those bottles in quarantine with you! It's time to get outside and recycle!

We happily take our bottles back with only a couple of restrictions. This is so we may do this as sanitary, distanced, and safe as possible!

Please recycle the lids at home!
We can only take back CLEAN bottles. Please send them through the dishwasher before bringing them in for credit.
We can take up to 40 bottles per person, per day!
In order to follow the Health Department's procedures for taking used utensils back, we have the station outside of our facility. We sanitize the bottles after they bask in the sun for a couple of hours. #LivinTheDreamNext, they are transported into crates to take back to our Kitchen where they will be double washed and sanitized.

When you bring your bottles back, not only are you helping the planet, you are also helping your wallet! We offer $0.50 cents for every clean 16oz bottle that is returned! For the small bottles still out there, we give back $0.25 cents. Shot bottles do not receive credit but we will happily recycle them for you!

When you bring 20 bottles back, you'll receive a FREE JUICE! We love offering this recycling program so that we can keep the glass from unnecessarily filling the landfills. Glass can be endlesslyreused and recycled because it doesn't lose its quality.

Are you in love with the bottles and want to use them around the house? It's easy! The 16oz bottles are great for propagating plants, filling with laundry or dish detergent from your favorite sustainable shop like Animalia, or to stock up on bulk items such as spices or oats from Hello!Bulk. The possibilities of reusing glass are endless.

One of our favorite things about our bottle recycling is when we get bottles back with our old vinyl beet logo attached. This means the bottle has been reused and recycled for six years (cleaned, sanitized, and repeated of course)!

Thank you #ViveSociety for helping us do our part as a community to keep SLC recycled and Mother Earth healthy! #KeepItGlassy, friends!

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