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New look, same great taste!

Now featuring an all-start ingredient, 100% organic cacao chips.

Why the change?

Two years ago, Vive acquired OM POWER to bring more health, heart and happiness-inducing nourishment to our community and local retail partners. We've been quietly working behind the scenes on a brand new design and a subtle refinement to the ingredients in two of our flavors that we've been excited to share!

As of today, our Blueberry Sunflower and Cranberry Pepita flavors are back in stock and feature 100% Cacao chips in place of Carob! Why the change?

No More Palm Oil: Our desire to shift from Carob to Cacao was inspired by our commitment to create and live in harmony with Nature. All carob chips on the market contain a pesky yet prevalent ingredient: palm oil. While commonly used in the culinary world, palm oil carries with it some serious environmental and ethical concerns such as deforestation, air pollution, unethical labor practices and more. By avoiding palm oil, we can help protect our planet's precious ecosystems, preserve biodiversity and support the rights and livelihoods of those directly affected by its production. 

Flavorful Depth: We love Cacao for its delightful range of rich and complex flavors, complete with its earthy sweetness. We're in the business of creating deliciousness that brings a sense of deep satisfaction, so our palettes showed us the choice was simple: upgrading to 100% Cacao was the way to go!

Higher Quality Nutritional Profile: When it comes to nutrition, 100% cacao shines. Cacao features a full lineup of essential minerals like magnesium, iron, and potassium making our OM Bars a perfect choice for post-workout replenishment. Additionally, Cacao is teeming with antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and offer an abundance of circulatory and anti-inflammatory benefits. Want to know more? Click here! Whether you grab your bars on the go from yours truly or other local favorites like Water + Wellness and The Front Climbing Gym or set up a recurring subscription with us online, we aim to make it simple to have nourishing snacks within reach! 

Love the new design or updated flavors? Let us know! We love to hear from you.