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Adrenal Tonic [Pre-Order]


A plant-empowered tart orange juice with a bit of an acidic kick, the Adrenal Tonic is a potent 8oz elixir that targets stress with carefully chosen ingredients to offer needed nutrients to replenish the adrenal glands.

These glands produce hormones that help to regulate our metabolism, blood pressure, immune system, and response to stress. When we experience stress for an extended period of time, our adrenal glands may react by over‎ producing cortisol and adrenaline, the hormones responsible for the fight/flight response in the nervous system. These heightened states are meant to be short-lived, but given life's challenges at times, many of us could use an extra boost of deep nourishment to help our bodies move from surviving to thriving.

This revitalizing tonic is made from oranges to boost energy, strengthen the immune system and lift the mood; real salt for energy production, blood pressure maintenance and cell regeneration; raw apple cider vinegar for an enzymatic and probiotic boost to support the digestive system; coconut water for balancing electrolytes, nourishing muscular tissue and deep hydration; aloe vera for soothing the digestive system, mood improvements and supporting the growth of probiotics; raw honey for immune system strengthening and cortisol production regulation.