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Simply Celery


16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

organic celery juice

Enjoy Me When...

  • ☀️

    You're not much of a breakfast person, but know it'd be good for your body.

  • You're on an adrenal recovery, auto-immune or other holistic health journey.

  • 💛

    You need some relief from bloating, cramps, constipation or other digestive challenges.

Beginning your morning with a crisp celery juice is an easy way to invite mental clarity, digestive flow, and a steady stream of energy -- allowing you to move through the rest of your day feeling vibrant and at ease. Sip to simplicity. ✨

Maybe you've heard all the commotion about celery juice from your yoga teacher, your grandmother or a close friend... and we're here to add to that, straight from our founder's firsthand experience (who was quite skeptical herself at first): celery juice might actually be worth the hype!*

With most modern American lifestyle and diet choices, it's easy for our bodies to be overloaded with stress, poor digestion, fatigue, skin troubles, or immune issues... all of these symptoms of dis-ease carry one thing in common: inflammation. Not only does celery help clear inflammation from the body, it is a powerhouse of antioxidants which helps rid the body of heavy metals, boosting kidney, nervous system, vascular and immune system health.

If you're the active type, this part's for you: celery contains natural salt clusters, nourishing the body with vitamins and minerals, specifically electrolytes! An electrolyte-boosted bevy = deeper hydration = regulated energy levels, clear skin, and even more ease in the body's detoxification and digestion processes.

You can drink celery any time of day to experience its benefits, but we've found enjoying it in the mornings to be most effective over time. Cheers Celery, this one is for YOU! 

*one of our goals here at Vive is to help make health + wellness approachable through conscious choices that promote good health. While it would be nice to have a cure-all, we know those don't exist -- but celery juice might be the next best thing.

Nutrition Fact per 16.9 oz Bottle

Calories 53 | Fat 1g | Protein 4g | Carbs 7g | Vitamin D 0% | Calcium 21% | Iron 13% | Potassium 31% | Vitamin A 13% | Vitamin C 16% | Folate 34% | Niacin 10% | Riboflavin 23% | Vitamin B6 30% | Vitamin K 127% | Copper 20% | Magnesium 11% | Phosphorous 18%

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Simply Celery


16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

organic celery juice

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