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Cacao Bliss [Pre-Order]


16.9 oz Glass Bottle

organic pepitas, organic dates, organic lion's mane, organic reishi, raw organic cacao, real salt, filtered alkaline water

    What happens when you mix creamy pepitas, rich cacao, sweet velvety dates, and some of the best adaptogenic mushrooms around? The Cacao Bliss & some very happy tastebuds (immune system, nervous system, and heart too)!

    As we continue to deepen our commitment to the Earth, we've begun making the move from almonds to pepitas in some of our plant milks for greater sustainability and more access to organic -- and we started with the Cacao Bliss!

    Pepitas bring an subtle fluffiness to this plant milk as well as added protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Along with the seed switch, this recipe now features lion's mane and reishi that help boost immunity, memory & cognitive function, stamina, improve sleep and relieve stress and anxiety.

    But we couldn't talk about this plant milk without referencing its namesake & main event: Cacao! Cacao offers your body more than four(!) bliss hormones to open your heart, boost your mood, soften your thoughts, and bring feelings of love, belonging, and celebration -- not only to your palette but to your life!

    Cacao is a mastermind and it's no surprise we love it, it's positive association and it's best! 

    Drink me when...

    You're looking for joyful zen.
    You're craving something that tastes like dessert and makes you feel like a genius.
    You're ready to say sayonara to stress in an easy, natural way.