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The Power of Pepitas 🌿

Ten years ago, we opened our business with one simple menu of cold-pressed juice. (Oh, those early days!) Over the years, our offerings have expanded to other kitchen needs and desired delights like our Plant Pantry, Superfood Smoothies, and most recently -- reviving our Feel Good Foods menu.

The creativity continues, and as innovators in our field, we are continuously working to bring you natured-based nourishment that meets modern day needs. Whether that be offerings like our Adrenal Tonic, to help relieve stress, anxiety and mitigate the impacts of burnout— or carrying aligned retail on our shelves like the apothecary brand, Anima Mundi, to bring you herbal remedies to support your immune system, tend to your soul, or cultivate greater energy and stamina in our day-to-day.

As a business with deep love and appreciation for the Earth, we make our decisions with sustainability in heart and mind.

Each season, we look at ways we can bring our business into greater conscious alignment with nature. Among other projects (more to share soon!), this winter we've been focusing our attention on shifting our plant milks. We’ve chosen nut milks as fantastic sources of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. However, as we’ve continued our own learnings — we’ve found an opportunity to transform our plant milks into options that not only are more sustainable, but a bit unique.

If you're immersed in the health and wellness world like us, you've likely seen the graphics and read articles about how much water almonds take to produce. Alternatively, there's just as many out there stating how almonds are more sustainable than animal-based milks... but even that comes down to farming practices. In a world of endless information, it can be difficult to know what's definitely true -- and that's where we take our explorations a bit deeper.

What we've discovered in our decade-long devotion to plant-focused nutrition is that while it's not completely impossible, it is very difficult (and incredibly expensive!) to find and source truly organic almonds.

Talking about the importance of organic farming, soil health and water's role in them is a whole other conversation (many actually -- though here's a list of documentaries to tune in with if you'd like to learn more), so we hope you'll trust us when we say that prioritizing organic is simple, sustainable and something for us all to strive for.

& all this lead us to our current plant milk evolution: seeds.

Seed milks started as a whisper…

Years ago, a dear friend of ours -- a devoted plant magic mama -- simply asked if we have looked into seed milks. One of the littles in her family has a nut allergy and making seed milks made it possible for them to enjoy a delicious and creamy dairy-alternative.

As we’ve been looking to shift more fully to organic, nuts & seeds came back into focus and Pepita Milk was born. (Thank you Johanna for the spark of inspiration!)

We’re starting our shift from almonds to pumpkin seeds with two of our milk offerings: Cacao Bliss & Golden Milk!

Pepitas have been enjoyed as far back as ancient Aztec times as a way to use every part of the pumpkin and to offer a snack of energy and protein. They differ from pumpkin seeds because they are harvested from hull-less pumpkin varieties such as Syrian or Oil Seed pumpkins. They are high in protein, magnesium, zinc, healthy fats, and so much more - if you’re a health buff, here's an article if you're interested in learning more. #seedingourbrainswithknowledge

& if you have never had pepita milk -- you are in for a treat! 😍 Pepita milk tastes very similar to almond milk (so you might not notice too much of a change). Creamy, fluffy and sweet, our pepita milks will make great choices to boost any breakfast, keep you satiated as a snack until lunch or even promote restful sleep as a little before-bed ritual.

Introducing our new seed-based milks:

Cacao Bliss

Cacao Bliss is known for opening your heart and nourishing your body with a release of bliss hormones (could be a major reason why we LOVE drinking this milk) and is now becoming a fully pepita-based milk!

To welcome in even a bit more joyful zen, we've also added some of our favorite adaptogens, making this plant milk heart, immune, AND brain-boosting.

Golden Milk

Golden Milk has been a favorite anti-inflammatory partner for anything from a sweat-inducing workout to a deep tissue massage, helping many manage inflammation, oxygen circulation and soreness in the body. The great news is these benefits aren't going anywhere!

Golden Milk is now a pepita-cashew blend so the silkiness of this milk that you know and love remains! 🌿

We can't wait for you to try these! We're pretty sure we'll get to witness that lil dance we all do when we're nomming on something real good. & for now, Vanilla Almond and Matcha Glow are staying the same - but we will be back to update y'all on their updated recipes soon. By the way, now taking name ideas for Vanilla Almond. 😋