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SmellsGood Candle Co.

My mission is to create great smelling candles, free from all the bad stuff!

I started making candles a few years ago, mainly because I found out that most mass produced candle companies are adding these harsh chemicals to their candles. I loved candles, had multiple burning at a time all day everyday - but I couldn’t have toxins overtaking my apartment! So I started making pure soy wax candles, using only ‘clean’ scents and ingredients free from all the toxins.

I would give my candles away as gifts and people really seemed to love the scents I put together. As the years went by, friends and family continuously urged me to start selling my candles. So here we are! I’ve started SmellsGood candle company to hopefully spread some good clean smells to all.

-Anna, Founder at SmellsGood Candle Co.


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