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77% of people experience stress that impacts their health in a significant way.

Our bodies are continuously striving for a sense of balance, which can be challenging to come by in a fast-paced, ever-changing world and our collective statistics show it.

When we are always "on" in this way, our body starts to let us know "hey, something's gotta change!"‏‏‎ ‎through symptoms like tiredness/fatigue, difficulty sleeping or waking up, intense salt and sugar cravings, needing stimulants to get through the day, bloating, low libido and difficulty concentrating.

High cortisol levels are often at the root of these various health-related symptoms, but it's important to remember that these physical expressions are simply our body’s responses to the environment and how we're living in it. Symptoms are a call for our attention and it's up to us to heed their message!

That's where our newest offering comes in:

✨ The Adrenal Tonic ✨

The Adrenal Tonic is a potent 8oz elixir that targets stress and offers needed nutrients to replenish our adrenal glands. These glands produce hormones that help to regulate our metabolism, blood pressure, immune system, and response to stress

When we experience stress for an extended period of time, our adrenal glands may react by over‎ producing cortisol and adrenaline, the hormones responsible for our fight/flight response. These heightened states are meant to be short-lived, but given the challenges of modern day life post-pandemic, many of us could use an extra boost of deep nourishment to help our bodies move from surviving to thriving.

Here at Vive we're not about quick fixes or false promises, but we are about exploring nourishing possibilities for helping us live a good life. Adrenal support beverages have been revered in holistic communities for years and after diving into the research ourselves and exploring recipes others have shared online, we've created our own to bring health and vitality in a simple daily ritual.

We'd love for you to join us in testing it!

Our 8oz tonic is made from:

🍊 Oranges
to boost our energy, strengthen our immune system and lift our moods

🧂 Real Salt
for energy production, blood pressure maintenance and cell regeneration

🍎 Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
for an enzymatic and probiotic boost to support the digestive system in properly absorbing nutrients

🥥 Coconut Water
for balancing electrolytes, nourishing muscular tissue impacted by stress and cellular hydration

🌿 Aloe Vera
for soothing the digestive system, mood improvements and supporting the growth of probiotics

🍯 Honey
for immune system strengthening and cortisol production regulation

The Adrenal Tonic isn’t just a (not-so-secret) product, it’s an experience!

If this tonic sounds like it's made for you, we'd love for you to join our ✨Community Adrenal Tonic Focus Group✨

Inside this experience, you + the Vive team will drink an Adrenal Tonic every day for three weeks with the intention of transforming stress and giving loving attention to our health (mind, body, spirit) along the way.

In addition to receiving a daily adrenal tonic, you’ll be a part of a private group message board where we’ll be sharing simple ways to tend to your nervous system, tune up your health and tap into that sense of deep nourishment that is available to us all. Sometimes, being in community with others under a shared intention can make all the difference.

More details below!

Adrenal Tonic


Ways to Enhance Your Adrenal Tonic Experience:

Bundle our 32 oz. vegan protein powder and 9 oz. ashwagandha jar to your first delivery for an extra boost of nutrients.

These additional supplements are offerings to give your body a deeper experience throughout our adrenal journey together:

✨ Protein Powder is supportive for more than building & toning muscle: it's essential in helping repair tissue and is used as a building block to create enzymes and hormones.

✨ Ashwagandha for additional support in lowering inflammation and countering the taxing effect of too much cortisol production.

The Fine Print:

Vive Juicery and its team members are not licensed medical care professionals and are not offering any type of formal psychological, medical or other professional advice or treatment. This and all other offerings listed on this website are not proven or guaranteed to treat or cure any conditions. Vive Juicery is not liable for reactions, outcomes, etc. related to our products and services.

As always, consult your internal guidance system and/or a healthcare professional as needed. This focus group is for educational, experiential and informational purposes only and does not replace the care of a medical professional.

By continuing with the purchase of this product + participating in our focus group, you acknowledge and agree that you are fully responsible for your own wellbeing.