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Strawberry Fields


16.9 oz Glass Bottle

strawberry, red grape, apple, rose water, mint, and lemon

Our most popular summer seasonal is back on our shelves! Say hello to your favorite beverage to pair with outdoor activities. Strawberries & Rose Water keep you feeling hydrated and work as a nice boost to your mood. This blend offers your body plenty of Vitamin C to keep your immune system in high spirits. 

Drink me if you...

  1. Want to catch summertime feelings in a bottle...  This citrus is kind to your nervous system, so you can be kind to yourself. 
  2. Need some deep hydration. Summer in Utah gets HOT! Strawberry Fields will help cool you down and protect your skin from the inside out.
  3. Want to give your immune system a vacation! This juice is high in vitamin C so you can focus on soaking up the vitamin D.